all governments, corporations and bureaucrats in Canada commit high treason - canadian government conspiracies

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Public Notices
all governments, corporations and bureaucrats in Canada commit high treason

Tuesday, September 8, 2020
1.   Public Notice Submission PN / 20 / 161840
2.  All Canadian governments and many bureaucrats are executing de facto instructions received from foreign entities on the people of Canada which is an act of high treason.
3.  The RCMP and other officers are enforcing unlawful orders in violation of their oath of office on the people of Canada not just office holders of those de facto entities who those orders apply to!
4.  All de facto Canadian governments, many bureaucrats and some “service to the public” companies are executing instructions received from foreign entities. These fictions are operating above the law, violating the rule of law, the people’s constitution and ignoring the unalienable imprescriptible human rights and fundamental freedoms of the people of Canada and that is personally, an act of high treason against all of them individually.
5.  All those choosing to enforce treasonous instructions including cops are also committing high treason against the people of Canada
6.  The penalty for high treason in all cases is death or life imprisonment without parole. Seems appropriate, seeing that is, the end game plan for the people of Canada is the same even for your families! Our only crime is trusting YOU!
7.  Everyone can be held accountable for their actions, especially traitors like you, and every man or woman that has suffered a wrong has the right to a lawful remedy.
8.  Enter the people’s constitution and common law where there are two “rule of law ways” to settle disputes lawfully and neither involves your private inferior administrative courts. One uses maxim of law and affidavits the other is by jury trial. In both cases, judges are the court administrator who issues and enforces the decisions reached regardless of method used!
9.  If for any reasons, this man, or his family encounter anyone from your de facto governments intent to apply without jurisdiction or authority any treasonous non applicable nonsense to us will result in a claim or counter claim involving high treason!

Saturday, September 19, 2020

Rocco Galati @roccogalatilaw
WHO edict holds NO constitutional water in Canada. In Canada Courts have determined that medical treatment requires "informed consent"(which means informed , explicit consent).

This document fraudulently posits mere attendance at school is implied consent. [implied consent is not informed, explicit consent.]
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