Arrest without warrant - canadian government conspiracies

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Public Notices
Arrest without warrant by any person under the rule of law;;;;;;;;
Monday, October 12, 2020
Service on one is service on all!

20201012 Public Notice regarding Criminal Code of Canada section 494
1.   Arrest without warrant by any person under the rule of law or 494 (1). Any one may arrest without warrant (a) a person whom he finds committing an indictable offence! Also available under natural law / common law!
2.  I claim that I can make a citizen's arrest and hold you until police arrive for your taking part in what is below!
3.  Violating inalienable imprescriptible human rights and fundamental freedoms is an indictable offence! 422(1) Every one who wilfully breaks a contract, an indictable offence
4.  As agreed, the seditious conspiracy by all corporation fictions pretending to be de jure governments all across the Dominion of Canada is an act of high treason an indictable offence and you are all players in that offense!!
5.  Crimes against humanity – the U.N. / World Health Organization Accidentally Confirms Covid 19 is No More Dangerous Than Flu. Lockdowns don’t work beyond a couple of weeks. Asymptomatic tests are irrelevant fear mongering domestic terrorism! All this Covid 19 nonsense is not for the benefit of the people. Violates rights and is also an act of high treason! An indictable offence!
6.  As agreed, the seditious conspiracy corporations and all their minion’s and all those fraudulently enforcing internal policies of those corporations always need the individuals’ expressed, informed, consent! Assumption of consent is not lawful! Without the individuals’ expressed, informed, consent what we have is acts of fraud and assault - indictable offences!
7.  The police have already been informed and are also subject to citizen’s arrests!
When you do not show cause as to why you should not be arrested for high treason within 5 days you accept this “judgement in commerce that places you all under arrest waiting for the RCMP to do their lawful duty and arrest you!” - created 10/19/2020 as lawfully binding!
Public Notice Submission PN / 20 / 207002

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