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Attorney General Duties

Our Human Rights
Attorney General Duties

By Summary Judgement

  1. The Attorney General is appointed by the Governors by Commission under the Great Seal, must preside over the Ministries of Justice;
  2. The Attorney General must see that the administration of public affairs is in accordance with the rule of law;
  3. The Attorney General must superintend all matters connected with the administration of justice;
  4. The Attorney General must advise the heads of the ministries of the government on all matters of the rule of law involving human rights violations connected with the ministries;
  5. The Attorney General‘s duties have been referred to as “judicial-like” and as the “guardian of the rule of law”. The rule of law safeguards common law individuals, society at large, and the personal liberties of citizens against any arbitrary measures of the CRA;
  6. The Attorney General advises the Cabinet in order to ensure that the Cabinet’s actions are legal and constitutionally valid and that the rule of law is maintained. This type of legal advice, provided by the Attorney General, differs significantly from the Attorney’s General policy advice; while the latter could be disregarded, the former should not;
  7. As the queens’ representatives, the Attorney General‘s prime responsibility and duty is to protect human rights and fundamental freedoms;
  8. The Attorney General’s litigation duties are regarded as a constitutional responsibility which include protection of the public interest and public human rights in the country;

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