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Birth Certificate
Birth Certificate

The Provincial Government issued Birth Certificates establishes that the birth of a Canadian common law society member happened. A Canadian with human inalienable rights as a private individual to equality before the law and the protection of the rule of law. Rights to the same Canadian passport, the same health benefits, and the actual safety net required under the rule of law, not the safety net in place for citizens which can and are prescribed.

The Provincial Government issues Birth Certificates also establishes the legal identity of a civil law society citizen in that provinces jurisdiction. The civil law government then grants privileges to it citizens that outwardly appear to be inalienable rights. Privileges like a Canadian passport, a health card, driver’s license, social insurance number so you can be taxed, social assistance, access to pension benefits, etc., that can have regulations prescribe for.

A Birth Certificate is issued by a Provincial Government to institute the legal identity of a private individual as a civil society citizen in that one jurisdiction. That Provincial Birth Certificate is not a Canadian Birth Certificate under the Constitution or proof of citizenship in any other province.

Canada, unlike most countries today is bijural and does not have a national Birth Certificate because common law private individual Canadians cannot lawfully hold a legal Birth Certificate created for civil law society members. The Federal government is constitutionally required to do things lawfully. A requirement not made constitutionally at the provincial level.

Subjects of exclusive Provincial Legislation - 92. In each Province the Legislature may exclusively make Laws in relation to Matters coming within the Classes of Subjects next hereinafter enumerated; that is to say, civil law society members not common law private individuals.

Before the introduction of the Charter the civil law society governments had no obstacle in their way stopping their governments from ignoring the requirement to actually protect human rights properly when privileges could be made to appear as those human rights.

It is a system not easily comprehended by citizens because citizens as children have been fraudulently forced to accept the legal identity of a civil law society citizen and were never told of their common law society roots. Even though everyone should have been taught about the laws regarding human rights they were not!  That violation of the Canadian Constitution and international law was done with malice.

Birth Certificates [read the material in the off the application tab above] are issued by the provincial governments’ common law Registrar General named in the constitution as part of the Bijural Provincial Government. As part of the conspiracy the Registrar General position is now played by a citizen of the civil law government instead. Under no civil authority can a common law member of a bijural government be replaced by a civil law citizen without authority, that action violates Charter s31.
A child is born a human being with human parents. The legal fiction known as a citizen of the province cannot give birth. Therefore according to charter s32 a human child without a legal identity cannot legally be subject to the VITAL STATISTICS ACT until after the application to give the child a legal identity subject to the VITAL STATISTICS ACT is complete. Which happens first is not even debatable. What is debatable is if there is such a thing as a legal identiy present for the government to act on, so where did the legal identity come from?

A private individual is born in a common law country to common law parents and that birth is recorded as an event involving common law "given and family" names under civil regulations that are not applicable on the private individual just born indicating a charter violations on the part of the Provincial Government. That fraud illegally produced a civil law society citizen who has become a “classes of subjects” enumerated under provincial authority.

Neither the replacing of the common law Registrar General with a civil law citizen or the registering of the birth of a common law society member as a civil law citizen without authority is legal or lawful. The "reasonable limits prescribed by law as can be demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society" in s1 of the charter is not applicable to private individuals, private businesses or private organizations like the common law society.  

Birth Certificates are not issued or recorded federally, as they are in many other countries because a common law society member cannot be included in a civil law database subject to the rules and regulations associated with that class of subject.

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