The B.N.A. Act 1867 guarantees that the people of Canada would only be subject to bills that had received royal assent making the bills law. Today those bills do not receive royal assent! - canadian government conspiracies

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The B.N.A. Act 1867 guarantees that the people of Canada would only be subject to bills that had received royal assent making the bills law. Today those bills do not receive royal assent!

Canada's Star Chamber Court System
Last revised on October 12, 2019

  The Constitution 1867 guarantees one's access to the Common Law. See the Magna Carta tab above.
  The Constitution 1867 guarantees that the people would only be subject to laws that had received royal assent making the act law. Read "courts" and important "rulings" for more!
"Jurisdiction is determined solely from face of information or indictment." State v. Lainez, 771 So.2d 617, and Snyder v. State 715 So.2d 367, not unfounded and unconstitutional law!
"No one is bound to obey an unconstitutional law" (Judicial Notice )
Texas State Law on Larceny & Extortion Section 31.01 (a) : Creating or confirming by words or conduct, a false impression of law or fact that is likely to affect the judgment of another, in the transaction.

 Welcome to Canada’s new Star Chamber administrative courts originally established to ensure the fair enforcement of laws. In the beginning the key officials may have been knowledgeable about the law, and willing to obey it but not anymore. Think Larceny & Extortion
  Todays elected key officials are seen as dictators not our human rights protectors and rightly so when they control completely our courts and the costs involved in those free institutions. Let us mention the partisan senate while we are at it which is illegal as well.
  Under the Royal Assent Act 2002 - Declaration not a statutory instrument 6 A written declaration of royal assent is not a statutory instrument for the purposes of the Statutory Instruments Act. [royal assent can only be used on bijural laws]
 Today when a bill has past all the parliamentary stages in both Houses, it is ready to receive royal assent. Most of the time it will not receive royal assent.
  If that bill does not receive royal assent it remains a statutory administrative instrument.
  If that bill is not subject to the law of the land the bill has no reason to respect imprescriptible human rights anymore and does not.
  The Canadian Bill of Rights now has the Minister of Justice checking for prescribed human rights violations before the bill is past, which they all do because statutory instruments do not address people who have inalienable imprescriptible human rights at all.
  If it is not law people are not subject to the bill only enumerated classes of subjects are!
 "Lack of subject matter jurisdiction is a non-waivable defect which may be raised at any stage of the proceedings." State v. LaPier, 961 P.2d 1274, 289 Mont. 392, 1998 MT 174 (1998)
  These bills are subject to change on the whim of government with no regard to the rule of law.
  Over time like the previous English Star Chamber Court System ours has become synonymous with social and political oppression through the arbitrary use of exorbitant costs and abuse of the power it wields. Used to enforce unlawful policies on the people of Canada without consent but by deception.  
  All this deception has given authority and jurisdiction over the executive branch to operate outside the governments mandate to our very own elected racketeers and terrorist without any legal recourse in the statutory administrative courts for the free men in bijural Canada to claim any trespass on human rights because the court system is rigged.
  Enter our protection under internal law and the Human Rights Council Complaint Procedure for those trespasses on human rights that the new court system can not hear!
The Magna Carta and common law
October 6, 2019

The Magna Carta must be accepted as part of the common law by all governments in bijural Canada.
The Magna Carta is the supreme law, so it has the same standing as the constitution in Canada.
All other contrary law and judgments are void.

36. All prosecutions by the government are free, if the prosecution involves the taking away the life or limb (liberty, rights) of the defendant.
38. No government official may be a witness in court. And if he is going to impose his law on another, then be must have the support of non-governmental witnesses (2 or more). Witnesses paid by the government are not faithful witnesses.
39. One can only be put in jail if a jury of his or her peers puts him there (or if he agrees to be put there).
40. Free justice, without delay. The government will assume the entire cost of prosecution.
45. Key officials must be knowledgeable about the law, and willing to obey it. If a man or women while playing a part of a key official takes his or her direction from the government and not the law of the land that actor is trespassing on our human rights and is liable.

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