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Bank Assocoations imprescriptible human rights violation

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Canadian Banking Conspiracy
According to the British North America Act 1867 section 91 the federal government has jurisdiction over the Canadian banking system. Canada is required under that section to deliver in section 16. Savings Banks.
This is required to be done without violating the inalienable rights of any Canadians.
The Bank Act received Royal assent indicating that it is constitutionally correct and complies with international treaty requirements.

At one point in time the “personal deposit account” found in section 439 of the Bank Act was the account individuals were offered when an individual went into open a bank account. Basically all that was required, was a signature on a signature card and not much else.

That was before the arrival of the banking regulations which were never given Royal assent and are not bijurally correct or constitutionally correct.

Nor do they comply with international treaty requirements that everyone living in Canada and not just the citizens of bijural Canada are equally entitled to open a bank account.

All of the people living in Canada have imprescriptible inalienable rights that cannot be prescribed by regulations. According to the Banks all people must submit to being regulated in violation of their rights or they will not be allowed to open a bank “savings account” that according to the Constitution has to be available. Which is another violation of their rights and also violates the Bank Act regulations.

“Retail deposit accounts” on the other hand are regulated and therefore violate the imprescriptible rights of all the people living in Canada.

No human being has to do anything one of these licensed banks orders/requires us to do unless we work for one of them. Those so not employed are not in servitude to the internal operating procedures of any bank!

Which brings us to today, when the same class of individual mentioned above goes into a bank to open a bank account, the Bank automatically profiles everyone as operating in “commerce” and that requires a “retail deposit account” and disqualifies and discriminates equally against all individuals from opening a “personal deposit account” savings account. They do this because the “retail deposit accounts” have become such a cash grab for the banks. Even though that individual has imprescriptible rights, there is little chance that the individual will know about his or her rights, and even less that they will have any idea of how to defend themselves against such rights violations.

There is also an apparent conspiracy to commit fraud among the members of the banking system to refuse to offer anyone the “personal deposit account” defined in the Bank Act section 439. No one with that type of account can be prescribed and nickel and dimed to death by regulations because of the imprescriptible inalienable rights everyone has. This illegal position is in violation of the Bank Act and the rights of the people of Canada.

Want proof, check out your favourite bank and see for yourself!

The Bank Act received Royal assent and the preamble says that everyone operating under the Bank Act must be in compliance with “taking into account the rights and interests of depositors and other consumers of banking services”. To me that would mean all banks are in violation of the Bank Act!
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