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Canadian social safety net

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Canadian Social Safety Net
October 6, 2019
The Canadian Social Safety Net is an oxymoron statement.
Who receives that safety net is not someone with prescribed human rights.
Human beings do not receive any prescribed rights or privileges from any government authority in Canada.
Those governments lack authority and jurisdiction over people but not persons.
Confused? You are exactly the “person” that the Canadian racketeers trained you to be with the public fool system molding you! As “that” person you have a safety net but not inalienable human rights!
As a member of humanity which you always are you have inalienable and imprescriptible human rights and fundamental freedoms.
All governments are to protect your right to property as a primary responsibility as our public servants.
Our governments care nothing about the law! See the Magna Carta tab above
Prior to the Charter in 1982, an individual had no special means to protect fundamental rights and freedoms even if they were infringed upon. This will remain true until the Public demands Compliance with enactments that everyone is entitled to an adequate standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of everyone, including food, clothing, housing and medical care and necessary social services, and the right to security in the events that could happen to any of us or in circumstances beyond our control.
All governments have found and are using one simple step in their racketeering that is very profitable. Every one of them including their courts does not recognize your right to own property. Funny thing is that by removing your right to own property in their system removed all your inalienable and imprescriptible human rights and fundamental freedoms. and made you a person subject to all their BS.
Congratulations you have been stripped of all your inalienable and imprescriptible human rights and fundamental freedoms by the so-called democratic society government. Slick Eh!
No one knows it especially the people who forfeited their inalienable and imprescriptible human rights and fundamental freedoms in return for becoming slaves. Only slaves exist in their jurisdiction. Don’t believe me try doing something without their permission
It does not mean your inalienable and imprescriptible human rights and fundamental freedoms are not still there, just do not expect any government to tell you how to exercise them because they exist outside of their jurisdiction.
The Magna Carta
October 6, 2019

The Magna Carta must be accepted as part of the common law by all governments in bijural Canada.
The Magna Carta is the supreme law, so it has the same standing as the constitution in Canada.
All other contrary law and judgments are void.
36. All prosecutions by the government are free, if the prosecution involves the taking away the life or limb (liberty, rights) of the defendant.
38. No government official may be a witness in court. And if he is going to impose his law on another, then be must have the support of non-governmental witnesses (2 or more). Witnesses paid by the government are not faithful witnesses.
45. Key officials must be knowledgeable about the law, and willing to obey it. If a man or women while playing a part of a key official takes his or her direction from the government and not the law of the land that actor is trespassing on our human rights and is liable.
R. v. Hynes, 1999
[83] Prior to the Charter's advent, the individual really had no special means of protecting against incursions upon his or her basic fundamental rights by executive or legislative arm of the state,
[84] A primary purpose of the Charter was to change this relationship of the individual with the state and its laws by endowing individuals with an effective means of challenging acts of the state in courts on the ground of violation of their constitutionally protected rights and freedoms. This is accomplished through s. 24 of the Charter, in the first subsection of which anyone whose guaranteed rights or freedoms have been infringed or denied is empowered to apply to "a court of competent jurisdiction" for such remedy as is considered just and appropriate "in the circumstances". Section 24(2) goes on to specifically provide that that power extends to the exclusion of evidence if, "having regard to all the circumstances" its admission would bring the administration of justice into disrepute.
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