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I am Canadian, a civilian as distinguished from a specialized servant of the state
Canada has bijural CITIZENs

The inhabitant, referred to in Canadian Law as a private individual or private person: one entitled to the rights and privileges of a freeman, 3: a civilian as distinguished from a specialized servant of the state
 The specialized servants of the state with voluntary membership in the civil society of the state by being enumerated as a "class of subject found in the Constitution Act s91 and or s92, 2a : membership in a community that consents to being this type of Canadian Citizen!

Disqualification of Senators
31. The Place of a Senator shall become vacant in any of the following Cases:
• (2) If he takes an Oath or makes a Declaration or Acknowledgment of Allegiance, Obedience, or Adherence to a Foreign Power, or does an Act whereby he becomes a Subject or Citizen, or entitled to the Rights or Privileges of a Subject or Citizen, of a Foreign Power; From <>

Is that a "class of subject" or citizen? Very interesting question!

People born in Canada before 1977 could exercise the right to self determination to be or not to be a citizen. Then legislation was passed the made it manitory that everyone born in this bijural country was considered a citizen, both a common law citizen and a civil law citizen. However that legislation did not remove the right of self determination as to which one.

• 3. (1) Subject to this Act, a person is a citizen if
• (a) the person was born in Canada after February 14, 1977;

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