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Civil Asset Forfeiture Overview and Protection
February 4, 2020
1) I hereby invoke and refuse to waive all rights afforded me by the Canadian Constitution and the Constitution of any Government or territory in which any incident of  enforcement against me may occur.
2) I hereby invoke and refuse to waive my right to self determination and will remain silent and not be a witness against myself by speech or by action.
3) I hereby invoke and refuse to waive  Charter right to have assistance of counsel. Do not ask me questions without my counsel present. Counsel is not limited to the lawyers!
4) I hereby invoke and refuse to waive my right to be free of unwarranted (non court-ordered) search and seizure. Your personal suspicions are not legal grounds for search, seizure or arrest unless supported by a court order from a court with authority and jurisdiction or tangible evidence of an imminent and known crime (misdemeanor or felony) of which I as an indigenous individual am a likely perpetrator that falls under your jurisdiction ("Probable Cause").
5) I hereby deny consent for my detention and I hereby request to be immediately released from custody, arrest and detention, free to continue my private travels and business as is my right.
6) Any failure or refusal by you or your associates to affirmatively, actively and expressly honor any of the above reservations of rights may be criminal violations and/or may cause unjust damage to me and my interests in which case, by your commission of unauthorized armed actions, you will and do agree to major personal damages debt and obligation to me for both remedy of, and penalty for, your violations and misconduct and you agree to pay all monetary claims on demand.
7) If you do not release me immediately upon reading this notice I will presume you to be under the impression that you have authority and jurisdiction for my arrest for a crime (infractions are not crimes and consent must be obtained from the accused for any detention for an alleged infraction). If it should be shown at any time that you do not have full authority, cause and jurisdiction for my arrest you will be subject to civil and criminal penalty and obligated to major remedy to me. You agree to those terms by committing any unlawful or unauthorized force, command, detention or arrest against me.
8) If you fail to release me upon presentation of this notice you will be required at a time in the future to show cause for any non-consensual detention (arrest). Your failure to show cause and jurisdiction upon demand will cause major debt and obligation of you to me for all damages, losses, harm, injuries and violations of rights, in addition to possible civil and criminal actions, allegations and reports against you personally.
9) Under arrest and threat of violence by you and your armed  enforcement associates I will, under protest, be compliant and not resist any command you may issue unless I find it necessary to act in defense of my health and safety or the health and safety of others present as is allowed by law. I am competent to determine when acts of self defense are, and are not, necessary and justified. Unless you unjustly and/or unlawfully assault or commit battery upon me I pose no threat or danger to you or your associates.
10) I have no intention to interfere with any enforcement activity or objective and I have no intention to become “belligerent” or “agitated” or to cause any difficulty or hindrance to your authorized and legally compliant enforcement activity. I will not be "provoked" unless you are provoking me with hostile threats and actions. I am not in protest or opposition against your office, your profession or any of your lawful actions. I am in protest only of your violations of my rights, if there are any, and of your misconduct, if there is any.
11) Since I have and do rightfully deny consent for detention (above), by law you must now either release me or place me under arrest with cause, jurisdiction and proper process. In law, there is no such thing as “forced detention”. Detention is voluntary, arrest is forced. I request that you, at this time, clearly state under the above invocations of rights, one of the following as you are required by law: Am I “free to go” or am I “under arrest”. If you seek my lawful detention you must now declare my arrest and show cause jurisdiction and consent without violating my right to privacy in any way.
12) If I am under arrest, I refer you to the invocations of rights above. My cooperation and compliance may not, in any way, be interpreted as waiver of any rights at any time. My actions, while under threat of force and violence by any enforcement officer are under duress and, to avoid the violent potential of your armed presence I will comply with your directives and sustain limited personal disruption in the process to hold you accountable later. In any question of my compliance and cooperation, refer to the declarations and invocations above.
13) Notice to principal is notice to agent and notice to agent is notice to principal.
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