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There is actually 2 reasons for the addition of the donation option!
  1. The first is that a workman is worthy of his hire (A workman is worthy of his work). For the government to trespass on the webmasters ability to support himself by interfering with this website and his right of free expression adds more to the damage claim that would be available.
  2. If you have received value from this website and you would like to show your appreciation and encouragement for us to keep doing this work while adding support to the income claim it helps tremendously!
Any amount is gratefully accepted with thanks!

Email Form

All emails are secured automatically with end-to-end encryption. As a result, your encrypted emails cannot be shared with third parties.

According to fundamental inalienable rights the webmaster is free to express his opinion or not in response to a normal email, as are you!
The webmaster will not appear in any of their courts and neither should you!
Select "Private Individual" when the reply could take some time. Not all will be answered so state your case in as few words as possible, after all a workman is worthy of his hire. Having said that the webmaster knows firsthand how poor the government makes people who are not a yes woman/man and any fee paid may be refunded as the webmaster sees fit!
Select "Government Agent (/fiction)” will receive another email after the conditional acceptance if a reply is warranted with the prepaid fee payment amount required before a proper reply will be considered! Of course a proper signature will also be required, one using your own signature and properly identifying yourself including your business and home street address, made under your own full unlimited commercial liability with clean hands in equity and firsthand knowledge, providing full, complete, certain, not misleading and verifiable "proof"! Once the webmaster receives those two things and knows you are not a government troll, he will begin!!
Select "Questions" for general questions not directly related to your specific situation and if not already addressed the question may be answered online! Use the search feature in the header of every page right hand side to see if the question has been addressed!

After you hit "send" you should get a confirmation email in your inbox within a few minutes!

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