criminal pedophile protectors - canadian government conspiracies

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Public Notices;;;;;;;;
                                                  Nemo me impune lacessit - No one provokes me with impunity

Wednesday, September 23, 2020
Service on one is service on all!
20200923 Notice – The police in Canada are voluntarily protecting criminal pedophiles in government! affidavit
Issued to the [de facto] Federal, Provincial and Municipal Authorities and the Health, Judicial and Police Agencies of Canada
by the National Council of Common Law Assemblies (NCCLA)
A lawful de jure Court established by the People of Canada in Convention
BE ADVISED that you are in violation of PUBLIC SAFETY LAW NCCLA ORDER 09082020-A issued by the Council and the People in Lawful Assembly on September 8, 2020, namely
“Abolishing and Outlawing COVID Restrictions, Mandatory Vaccinations and other Unlawful, Unhealthy and Unwarranted Measures in our Community”.
YOU ARE HEREBY ORDERED to immediately cease and desist from requiring or imposing COVID regulations on anyone in Canada, including masking, social distancing, quarantining, mandatory testing and vaccinations, or other unwarranted, unhealthy, and unlawful measures. If you refuse to cease such unlawful measures, you will be charged with participating in a criminal conspiracy and assault against the people and will be subject to penalties and imprisonment on conviction by the Supreme Common Law Court of the Council.
This Public Safety Law No. 09082020-A is issued on September 8, 2020 by the National Council of Common Law Assemblies as the voice and will of the people. This Order has the full effect and force of the Law anywhere in Canada and will be enforced by the Sheriffs of the Council. Canadian police authorities must assist with such enforcement or be charged under the law with obstructing justice.
Authorized by the NCCLA within the lawful jurisdiction of the Republic of Kanata.      
1.   Ignorantia Juris non Excusat - Ignorance of the rule of law by your enumerated persons is not an excuse for protecting criminals and pedophiles!
2.  Maxim at law - UBERRIMA FIDES. Perfect good faith; abundant good faith. 2. This phrase is used to express that a contract between the public servants and bureaucrats and the sovereign indigenous individuals must be made in perfect good faith, concealing nothing. Yet the pedophiles and criminal protectors usually laughingly referred to as enforcement officers in Canada continue to enforce covid 19 restrictions to enable our country to be overthrown by foreign fictional entities!
3.  As agreed, you are public servants not the peoples “master” and therefore have no authority or jurisdiction to be committing high treason by continuing to act as the country is being overthrown
4.  Have not the policy enforcement officers had plenty of time to choose what side they are on, those of their family and friends or the side of traitor criminal pedophile protectors?
5.  Should we start calling you ‘policy enforcement officers’ what you actually are, proud traitors and criminal pedophile protectors?
6.  Maxim at law - Ex debito justitiae - As a debt of justice; as a matter of lawful right. we must receive justice.
When you do not repel this as wrong within 72 hours when you can, you accept this as a “judgement in commerce” created 9/23/2020 as lawfully binding!
The above is a Public Notice Submission PN / 20 / 188675
Fictitious Name Registration
FN / 20 / 87469
I am free to go!

Tell any actual bar member thinking about getting involved they will be treated as third party interlopers and the damages will be substantial!
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