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How to become unlawfully divorced in the Province of British Columbia

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Remembering that if you don’t know what your rights are personally, the government has no reason to protect them and doesn’t!

Divorce fraud BC style  Last revised 2016-10-17

Divorce fraud Province of British Columbia style

Divorce in any Province of British Columbia statutory court and all those court orders from such a court that involve the people of British Columbia have absolutely no standing.

The Province of British Columbia, according to section 92 of the Constitution Act 1867 has absolutely no authority regarding divorces. The whole process is a conspiracy to defraud the people of British Columbia and was done by becoming an illegal third party interloper in a private contract that did not involve The Province of British Columbia.

On Monday, February 22, 2016 a consent order/court order and a supporting affidavit was submitted to and recorded by the Attorney General and the BC Court services in the County of Nanaimo, Nanaimo British Columbia. The included affidavit went unrebutted and now has standing!

An agreement had been reached in the private that was the basis of the consent order. Apparently in 2010 a Supreme Court of Canada stated in Vancouver (City) v. Ward, 2010 SCC 27, [2010] 2 S.C.R. 28 “We have been informed of a pre-existing agreement between Mr. Ward and the Province…”? Any unrebutted affidavit becomes an agreement between the parties and the judgment in Commerce (Heb. 6:16-17. Any proceeding in a court, tribunal, or arbitration forum consists of a contest, or "duel," of commercial affidavits wherein the points remaining unrebutted in the end stand as the truth and the matters to which the judgment of the law is applied.).

All matters related to this issue were resolved in the private and there was no reason to take up any court time. The only issue that remained was to have the private agreement involving damages and Court order registered in the Nanaimo County Court House, which was completed on February 22, 2016.

BC government simply ignored this lawful process as expected
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