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Do You Work for a Corporation

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Do you work for a corporation?
If not, you sure are not a de jure government.

If you are a corporation, and there are many indicators that you are, then you are also a de facto government.

Even if you are not a corporation you are still a de facto government operating under civil law in a common law jurisdiction in violation of the Constitution.

As a private corporation, or de facto government operating without a lawful mandate in British Columbia, what possible authority could you have over the people living in British Columbia? People who are not actually working for your de facto government known as The Province of British Columbia? How could you possibly have any more authority than any other corporation?
If You are Working for a Corporation

If you are working for The Province of British Columbia and I am not working for that corporation, how can you claim that any of your internal operating procedures are applicable to me?

By “internal operating procedures”, I am talking about your legislation, regulations, acts etc. being more applicable than say Canadian Tire’s internal operating procedures would be?
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