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According to our bijural society not all people born in this country are actually citizens. Everyone born in Canada was born into a common law jurisdiction and only those subjects who consent to be are citizens in the civil law society are actually citizens of that society. All the people born here are residents of Canada and are free Canadians with all your inalienable rights intact and protected. No one can be forced to be or through a conspiracy to be a citizen.

More than 68 per cent of eligible citizens cast a ballot in the 2015-10-20 election. That is or about 17,546,697 of the stated eligible citizen electors.
17,552,402 citizens voted out of the 25,812,355 citizens eligible
39.5% (6,928,514) of eligible citizens who voted, voted Liberal!

26.84% vote of all eligible citizens voted Liberal! It appears that was all that was required to legally but not lawfully declare a massive majority Liberal government in a democratic bijural society if one totally ignores the common law segment of the population. That is according to those same citizens who wrote the laws that legally interpret the civil law election results.
My math could be failing me but a democratic society requires 50% plus one of the adult population in favour does it not? A number the Liberal majority did not even come close to.

Could it be that the civil law elected governments are civil law society governments exclusively and have no jurisdiction over the common law society and its people at all in a bijural country? By simply not saying anything about that bijural fact those who are in common law simply assume the government elect is their government too by that hypocrisy and act accordingly.

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