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Government land

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Government land

According to British North America Act, 1867, 30-31 Vict., c. 3 (U.K.) (cont.) <>

Powers of the Parliament that contain "land"
91. ... the exclusive Legislative Authority of the Parliament of Canada extends to all Matters coming within the Classes of Subjects next hereinafter enumerated; that is to say, --
9. Beacons, Buoys, Lighthouses, and Sable Island.
25. Indians, and Lands reserved for the Indians.
or do they? Landmark Supreme Court ruling grants land title to B.C. First Nation (with video)

Powers of Provincial Legislatures that contain "land"
92. In each Province the Legislature may exclusively make Laws in relation to Matters coming within the Classes of Subjects next hereinafter enumerated, that is to say,
5. The Management and Sale of the Public Lands belonging to the Province and of the Timber and Wood thereon.
All will you ever need to know! The question is what will you do with the information?

From AMCs' Hell on Wheels: Season 1, Episode 6 Pride, Pomp and Circumstance (11 Dec. 2011) approximately 20:25

Government land
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