An affidavit is a written declaration upon an oath that is prepared to attest to facts of which the individual has personal knowledge. The document is signed under oath and in front of witnesses and/or officers of the court. Lies or misrepresentations made by affidavit are punishable in the same way as lying in court on a witness stand. But in a statute court no one is ever sworn in to ensure that the complete truth is never heard! - canadian government conspiracies

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Indigenous affidavit
February 16, 2020

Since no democratic Canadian government statue created in bijural Canada applies to the free indigenous people would not claiming a different position be a frivolous claim?

frivolous (adj.)
mid-15c., from Latin frivolus "silly, empty, trifling, worthless,"

A frivolous claim would include but not be limited to being a: taxpayer, driver, officer of your corporation, class of subject etcetera!

Any document you receive from any corporation even those pretending to be your government is an offer to contract!
That contract is binding if you do not respond!

see maxim before doing an affidavit

affidavits found on this site are examples only! the reader must be able to defend any statement the reader puts in hers or his addifavit.

Email an affidavit to the judicial branch both federal and provincial. Do not worry you will not receive an affidavit in response. Hint: only humans can sign an affidavit – fictions can’t!
How would the province react if they received hundreds of affidavits regarding the right to drive? Affidavits they as fictions not human cannot rebut lawfully!
How about income taxes etcetera.
Affidavits unrebutted become judgements in commerce that no one can touch!
That judgement is the law between the parties!

All my affidavits are sworn before God, two non-partisan Attorney Generals and the all caps name assigned. Sworn to be true, correct and complete to the best of this man’s knowledge. Something government can not and will not do!

tyrant caused paper revolutions
February 7, 2020

"Officers of the court have no immunity when violating indigenous rights, from liability"
When any public servant violates your indigenous rights they do so at their own peril.

Notice of tyrant caused paper revolutions affidavit

Legal Maxim - An unrebutted affidavit stands as truth in commerce. (12 Pet. 1:25; Heb. 6:13-15;)
Legal maxim - That which is against Divine Law is repugnant to society and is void.
1. Definitions used:
• tyrant - a cruel and oppressive ruler.
• affidavit - a sworn statement in writing made especially under oath, witnessed by indigenous individuals.
• notary republic - a enumerated class of subject told by government and the law society not to witness our affidavits
• indigenous individual - - "born or originating in a particular place," 1640s, from Late Latin indigenus "born in a country, native," from Latin indigena "sprung from the land, native," as a noun, "a native," literally "in-born," or "born in (a place)," from Old Latin indu (prep.) "in, within" + gignere (perfective genui) "to beget, produce," from PIE root *gene- "give birth, beget," with derivatives referring to procreation and familial and tribal groups.
2. As agreed, elected governments have no authority or jurisdiction over the land the indigenous individuals sprung from or the indigenous individuals themselves individual or collectively.
3. As agreed, one of the reasons of the birth certificate issued is to prove that indigenous status.
4. As agreed, the elected governments are cruel and oppressive rulers of the people.
5. As agreed, the present court system in Canada is not bijural and therefore not for the indigenous individual which makes the present court system unconstitutional and a charter s31 and s32 violation.
6. As agreed, the present court system in Canada legally can not see an indigenous individual.
7. As agreed, the present court system in Canada has put innocent indigenous individual in jail unlawfully and unconstitutionally?
8. As agreed, the Criminal Code of Canada does not even apply to everyone in Canada.
9. As agreed, compensation due to every indigenous individual railroaded into jail without the authority to do so.
10. As agreed, an affidavit like this one a way to stop your tyranny against the indigenous people.

Notice to all policy enforcement officers
February 4, 2020


1. “My counsel [not lawyer] said not to answer any questions until I am in court”

2. I hereby invoke and refuse to waive all rights afforded me by the Canadian Constitution and the Constitution of any Government or territory in which any incident of statute enforcement against this indigenous individual may occur.
These rights extend to privacy and trespass for example!

3. I hereby invoke and refuse to waive my right to self determination and will remain silent and not be a witness against myself by speech or by action until we are all sworn in, in court.

4. I hereby invoke and refuse to waive my Charter right “s10” to have assistance of counsel. Do not ask me questions without my counsel present, not even who that counsel is. Counsel is not limited to lawyers!

5. I hereby invoke and refuse any and all legal counsel appointments without my written consent.

6. I hereby invoke and refuse to waive my right to be free of unwarranted (non court-ordered) search and seizure. Your personal suspicions are not legal grounds for search, seizure or arrest unless supported by a court order from a court with authority and jurisdiction or tangible evidence of an imminent and known crime (misdemeanor or felony) of which I as an indigenous individual am a likely perpetrator that falls under your jurisdiction ("Probable Cause").

7. I hereby deny consent for my detention and I hereby request to be immediately released from custody, arrest and detention, [Charter right “s10” by way of habeas corpus ]free to continue my private travels and business as is my right.

8. Any failure or refusal by you or your associates to affirmatively, actively and expressly honor any of the above reservations of rights may be criminal violations and/or may cause unjust damage or duress to me and my interests in which case, by your commission of unauthorized possibly armed actions, you will and do agree to major personal damages debt and obligation to me for both remedy of, and penalty for, your violations and misconduct and you agree to pay all monetary claims on demand.

9. If you do not release me immediately upon reading this notice I will presume you to be under the impression that you have authority and jurisdiction for my arrest for a statute crime (infractions are not crimes and consent must be obtained from the accused for any detention for an alleged infraction). If it should be shown at any time that you do not have cause, full jurisdiction and authority in bijural Canada for my arrest you will be subject to civil and criminal penalty and obligated to major remedy to me. You agree to those terms by committing any unlawful or unauthorized force, command, detention or arrest against me.

10. If you fail to release me upon presentation of this notice you will be required at a time in the future to show cause for any non-consensual detention (arrest). Your failure to show cause and jurisdiction upon demand will cause major debt and obligation of you to me for all damages, losses, harm, injuries and violations of rights, in addition to possible civil and criminal actions, allegations and reports against you personally.

11. Under arrest and threat of violence by you and your armed enforcement associates I will, under protest, be compliant and not resist any command you may issue unless I find it necessary to act in defense of my health and safety or the health and safety of others present as is allowed by law. I am competent to determine when acts of self defense are, and are not, necessary and justified. Unless you unjustly and/or unlawfully assault or commit battery upon me I pose no threat or danger to you or your associates.

12. I have no intention to interfere with any enforcement activity or objective and I have no intention to become “belligerent” or “agitated” or to cause any difficulty or hindrance to your authorized and legally statute compliant enforcement activity. I will not be "provoked" unless you are provoking me with hostile threats and actions. I am not in protest or opposition against your office, your profession or any of your lawful actions. I am in protest only of your violations of my rights, if there are any, and of your misconduct, if there is any.

13. Since I have and do rightfully deny consent for detention (above), by law you must now either release me or place me under arrest with cause, jurisdiction and proper process. In law, there is no such thing as “forced detention”. Detention is voluntary, arrest is forced. I request that you, at this time, clearly state under the above invocations of rights, one of the following as you are required by law: Am I “free to go” or am I “under arrest”. If you seek my lawful detention you must now declare my arrest and show cause jurisdiction and consent without violating my right to privacy in any way.

14. If I am under arrest, I refer you to the invocations of rights above. My cooperation and compliance may not, in any way, be interpreted as waiver of any rights at any time. My actions, while under threat of force and violence by any enforcement officer are under duress and, to avoid the violent potential of your armed presence I will comply with your directives and sustain limited personal disruption in the process to hold you accountable later. In any question of my compliance and cooperation, refer to the declarations and invocations above.

15. Notice to principal is notice to agent and notice to agent is notice to principal.

Courtesy of modified for Canadian statutes

Copy and paste into a word document and print. Give a copy to any statute enforcement officer and remain silent. “My counsel [not lawyer] said not to answer any questions until I am in court”

Email an affidavit to the judicial branch both federal and provincial. Do not worry you will not receive an affidavit in response. Hint: only humans can sign an affidavit – fictions can’t!

frivolous complaint

Since the prosecutor, lawyers and attorney does not have a cause a of action against the free indigenous citizen under statute law for which relief can be granted - your Honor, may it please the court, Counsel is specifically precluded from performing his major task, therefore, your Honor, may it please the court, at this time, I would Motion most graciously for a dismissal of Prejudice, for failure to state a cause of action for which relief may be granted by this Honorable Court and I would like to collect my cost, fees and damages for having to defend this frivolous complaint.

frivolous (adj.)
mid-15c., from Latin frivolus "silly, empty, trifling, worthless," diminutive of *frivos "broken, crumbled," from friare "break, rub away, crumble" (see friable). In law (by 1736), "so clearly insufficient as to need no argument to show its weakness." Related: Frivolously; frivolousness.

complaint (n.)
late 14c., "lamentation, expression of grief," also "grief, sorrow, anguish" itself; also "expression of dissatisfaction or disapproval; statement of grievances, formal accusation; a plaintive poem," from Old French complainte (12c.) "complaint, lament," noun use of fem. past participle of complaindre "to lament" (see complain). Meaning "that which is complained of" is from 1745; specific meaning "bodily ailment, cause of pain or uneasiness" is from 1705 (often in U.S. colloquial use generalized as complaints).

Judicial Notice
February 8, 2020

Judicial notice is a rule in the law of evidence that allows a fact to be introduced into evidence if the truth of that fact is so notorious or well known, or so authoritatively attested, that it cannot reasonably be doubted. This is done upon the request of the party seeking to rely on the fact at issue.

Take judicial notice "No one with Indigenous rights is bound to obey an unconstitutional law"
Take judicial notice that a “judgement in commerce” arrived at by affidavit in the private is outside any persons arbitrary interference to change!
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