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KRMC violates human rights

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KRMC violates human rights

Recently the webmaster received an unsolicited correspondence from an associate of the KRMC Law Firm!

The associate claim to be operating in the capacity of the third party interloper representing the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce. The webmaster found this revelation interesting seeing that the relationship between the Bank and this law firm is of absolutely no concern of the webmaster.

However the assumption that this relationship between the Bank and the law firm somehow granted the law firm any authority to contact the webmaster was in error. Apparently what the associate was doing was a fishing expedition to see what the response would be.

The webmaster knows he is a private individual operating in the private.

This fishing trip unexpectedly involved someone who would not consent or agree to any third party interloper making contact without permission.

The action of the third party interloper violated a number of inalienable human rights causing damages which need to be addressed.

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