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out of court settlements
February 6, 2020
see "the power of paper" and "Diefenbaker" for more information.

out of court settlement regarding settlements out of court affidavit

Legal Maxim - An unrebutted affidavit stands as truth in commerce. (12 Pet. 1:25; Heb. 6:13-15;)
Legal maxim - That which is against Divine Law is repugnant to society and is void.

1. As agreed, we the free indigenous individuals in bijural Canada are our own authority; we are our decision makers. We have the right to self-determination and have determined that everyone is entitled in full equality to a fair and public hearing by an independent and impartial tribunal, in the determination of our indigenous rights and obligations and of any criminal charge against free indigenous individuals but that doesn’t happen under your governments administration!
2. As agreed, this indigenous individual does refuse to be recognized under any class of subject!
3. As agreed, no one in government shall participate, by act or by failure to act where required, in violating human rights and fundamental freedoms and no one shall be subjected to punishment or adverse action of any kind for refusing to do so.
4. As agreed, the State has the responsibility to take legislative, judicial, administrative or other appropriate measures to promote the understanding by all persons under its jurisdiction of their civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights.
5. As agreed, this indigenous individual gets to determine everything related to this indigenous individual, never one of your executive branches, or the supposedly independent parliament or legislative branches or the independent judicial branches and their necessary classes of subjects!
6. As agreed, that is why we must be classes of subjects like residents, drivers, first nations members, taxpayers, and all the labels for persons working within your unconstitutional administrative laws and courts for you to have a little shred of jurisdiction and authority.
7. As agreed, your governments have persons in the executive that directly remove any so-called independence of the other two branches of the government. The Constitutions’ s 52.1 and charter s31 makes those acts, high treasonous acts, unconstitutional acts that doesn’t require prior approval of your unconstitutional administrative law to be voided.
8. As agreed, governments only have treasonous assumed and presumed jurisdiction and authority you have given yourselves in any of your made in Canada legislation regarding the free indigenous people in bijural Canada!
9. As agreed, what your governments need from the free indigenous people in bijural Canada is prior consent.  
10. United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples states the Declaration addresses both individual and collective rights; cultural rights and identity; rights to education, health, employment, language, and others. It outlaws discrimination against indigenous peoples and promotes their full and effective participation in all matters that concern them. It also ensures their right to remain distinct.
11. Article 40 Indigenous peoples have the right to access to and prompt decision through just and fair procedures for the resolution of conflicts and disputes with States or other parties, as well as to effective remedies for all infringements of their individual and collective rights.  
12. As agreed, no government administrative court has any authority over indigenous individuals without violating charter s 31!
13. As agreed, no government administrative court meets the standards required to not be in violations of indigenous human rights, numerous charter rights and international law.
14. As agreed, by acts of high treason the indigenous people’s courts found in the Constitution are gone, replaced unlawfully with administrative courts that violated charter 31 to achieve!
15. As agreed, that act of high treason leaves affidavits and maxims as the rule of law!
16. As agreed, the independent judicial branch/attorney general to recognize all out of court settlements reached by judgement in commerce adhesion contracts as the law between the parties. Everyone whose rights or freedoms are violated has the right, either in person or through legally authorized representation, to settle privately, [another authority established by the rule of law] and to obtain from the attorney general in accordance with law, redress agreed to in the out of court settlement, including any compensation due, where there has been a violation of that person's rights or freedoms, as well as enforcement of the agreement, all without undue delay.
17. As agreed, the independent judicial branch/attorney general to effect elimination of all violations of human rights and fundamental freedoms of peoples and individuals, including in relation to mass, flagrant or systematic privacy rights violations since 9 11 2001 for example and all others resulting from apartheid, all forms of racial discrimination, colonialism, foreign domination or occupation, aggression or threats to national sovereignty, national unity or territorial integrity and from the refusal to recognize the right of peoples to self-determination and the right of every people to exercise full sovereignty over its wealth and natural resources.
18. As agreed, all human rights and fundamental freedoms are universal, indivisible, interdependent and interrelated and should be promoted and implemented in a fair and equitable manner, without prejudice to the implementation of each of those rights and freedoms,
19. As agreed, the prime responsibility and duty to promote and protect human rights and fundamental freedoms lie with the State,
20. As agreed, each State shall adopt such legislative, administrative and other steps as may be necessary to ensure that the rights and freedoms are effectively guaranteed.
21. As agreed, all domestic law in every country must be consistent with the Charter of the United Nations and other international obligations of the State in the field of human rights and fundamental freedoms is the juridical framework within which human rights and fundamental freedoms should be implemented and enjoyed including but not limited to entering and leaving any state undocumented.
22. As agreed, the independent judicial branch/attorney general will enforce all out of courts settlements as court orders or pay damages of __________ dollars after 30 days each time, even on repeats.
Upon receipt of this communication sent __________ all parties will be legally aware, legally notified of these rights claimed and are required to act accordingly.
Legal Maxim - He is not deceived who knows himself to be deceived.
Legal Maxim - This unrebutted affidavit becomes the judgment in commerce. (Heb. 6:16-17;)

He who does not repel a wrong within 72 hours when he can, occasions it.
After seven days “he or she” is in default and dishonor and after 10 days has
agreed to committing high treason against the constitution!

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