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The Identity Trap
The Identity Trap
February 6, 2020

Government and Businesses etcetera are only serving their own interests while profiling us by saying things like if we are not doing anything wrong, we have nothing to hide!

Government and Businesses are doing something wrong!
They are violating human rights for profits.

More and more consumers, especially in younger demographics, are becoming sensitive to how companies are using their data — and are willing to reward the ones who respect their privacy.

The survey reveals an important new group of people — 32% of respondents — who said they care about privacy, are willing to act,
and have done so by switching companies or providers over data or data-sharing policies.
Privacy: a human right, not a luxury
Privacy is a fundamental right guaranteed under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights,

What companies and government should do - should not mean losing your fundamental rights that companies and government have a responsibility to protect for their consumers.

Strong privacy legislation is possible, necessary, and long overdue!

You Should Have the Right to Sue Companies That Violate Your Privacy
it is not enough for government to pass laws that protect consumers from corporations that harvest and monetize their personal data. It is also necessary for these laws to have bite, to ensure companies do not ignore them which is not the case now. The best way to do so is to empower ordinary consumers to bring their own lawsuits against the companies that violate their privacy rights with consumer enforcement. see affidavits

The California Attorney General, supports consumer enforcement, explaining: The lack of a private right of action, which would provide a critical adjunct to governmental enforcement, will substantially increase the OAG’s need for new enforcement resources. I urge you to provide consumers with a private right of action.

Ordinary technology users should have the power to decide for themselves whether to bring a lawsuit to enforce their statutory privacy rights at minimal cost.  Enforcement by government officials is a start, but not enough by itself.

if everyone has the power to protect their own privacy, then special interests will have a harder time using their influence to shield themselves from accountability

All site collecting data should be required by law to including opt-in consent - to collect or share a consumer’s data, a right to know what data was collected, data portability, and information fiduciary duties for the companies that we entrust with our data.

The best privacy enforcers are ordinary people. Legislators should give them the power to defend their own privacy.

Question for companies and government? Do You Care About Privacy as Much as Your Customers Do? Nope, could not care less!

Until recently, there has been little compelling reason for companies to embed privacy considerations deeply into their larger business strategies. While consumers say they care about privacy, few have placed any real value on protecting their data. Further, while many privacy laws call for severe penalties, it appears that actual fines will be considerably lower and only the worst offenders will be impacted. The costs to fully meet all privacy requirements can also be quite high for most companies.

How Britain's new child privacy protections going to impact the internet -

February 11, 2020

One sound privacy strategy for the consumer is to “maintain a low profile.”

Use a privacy conscious search engine like duckduckgo!
Use a privacy conscious browser like vivaldi
Do everything by encrypted email, not by phone!

privacy actives

A 2019 survey conducted by Cisco an important new group of people — 32% of respondents — who said they care about privacy, are willing to act, and have done so by switching companies or providers over data or data-sharing policies. to our best knowledge, this is the first time such a group has been identified.

The notion that significant numbers of privacy actives even exist should raise antennae at all companies. By understanding this unique group of individuals, whose feelings about privacy are multifaceted and complex, companies can shape their own data and customer privacy practices and better engage, retain, and work with these customers. This will take some effort.

Based on the survey, privacy actives tend to be younger, more affluent, and shop more online — a segment of the population that is especially attractive to most companies.

Privacy actives see respect for privacy as core to the brands of the companies with whom they do business: 90% believe the ways their data is treated reflects how they are treated as customers. Not surprisingly, they also say they will not buy from companies if they don’t trust how their data is used.
illegal surveillance
January 30, 2020

Why you shouldn't be OK with illegal surveillance.
Our parents told us what we could and couldn’t do, when they try to control and restrict our choices as we grew up, we rebelled!
But with Government, Google, Facebook, etcetera’s surveillance is OK. Why?

Our parents for the most part was trying to protect us! While Government, Google, Facebook, etcetera is only serving their own interests while telling us if we are not doing anything wrong, we have nothing to hide!
Government, Google, Facebook, etcetera is doing something wrong. They are violating human rights for profits.

Government surveillance violations are a direct result of illegal legislation ignoring an indigenous individual’s right to total privacy and allowing for the unconstitutionally treasonous police state all of Canada enjoys so much!

Government surveillance violates several of your indigenous rights and charter rights
If you do not know your rights your's are not being violated!

By way of an adhesion contract between this indigenous individual and all governments, legislation including regulations are void when violating human rights! Canada (Attorney General) v. Sam Léyy et Associés Inc. 2005 FC 171. First, and most importantly, the Constitution is, under s. 52(1) of the Constitution Act, 1982, "the supreme law of Canada, and any law that is inconsistent with the provisions of the Constitution is ultra vires from operation of s. 52 1 alone. [no court decision required]

—it is OK. Why?

smart phones
Privacy might be the price you have to pay

Discovered were multiple security issues with pre-installed apps that can't be updated or deleted.

Research by Privacy International shows that smartphones come with a hidden cost: pre-installed apps that can't be deleted and that leak your data. Earlier this year, the first large-scale study of pre-installed software on Android devices - from more than 200 vendors - found harmful behaviours and backdoored access to sensitive data and services without user consent or awareness.
a recent study of smartphones shows how data exploitation and poor security is often built into the devices that people rely on as their only means of communication.

How about a gps locator with a history record!

The All Caps Name
January 30, 2020

Remembering that if you don’t know what your rights are personally, the government has no reason to protect them and doesn’t!

The All Caps Name aint you!
The all caps name does not belong to an indigenous human being and is irrelevant to men and women. It belongs to the civil law citizen/legal person/class of subject!
You are only one of those civil law citizen/persons if you consent and will pay dearly for that consent.

That is all you need to know in reality! Consent to the all caps name you become "it", refuse to consent and you are not!
Both the common law and the civil law are equally authoritative and recognized sources of the law of property as well as civil rights in Canada. Duality of legal traditions as well as application of provincial law 8.1 Interpretation Act (R.S.C., 1985, c. I-21)

Wake up! You are in the middle of the biggest Racketeering Scheme that you could ever imagine. Really unbelievable, beyond all of our imaginations, and absolutely the truth, now exposed.

Other rights and freedoms not affected by Charter - 26. The guarantee in this Charter of certain rights and freedoms shall not be construed as denying the existence of any other rights or freedoms that exist in Canada. CONSTITUTION ACT, 1982 PART I CANADIAN CHARTER OF RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS

Declaration on the Right and Responsibility of Individuals, Groups and Organs of Society to Promote and Protect Universally Recognized Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms
All human rights and fundamental freedoms are universal, indivisible, interdependent and interrelated and should be promoted and implemented in a fair and equitable manner, without prejudice to the implementation of each of those rights and freedoms. [preamble]
Article 2
1. Each State has a prime responsibility and duty to protect, promote and implement all human rights and fundamental freedoms, inter alia, by adopting such steps as may be necessary to create all conditions necessary in the social, economic, political and other fields, as well as the legal guarantees required to ensure that all persons under its jurisdiction, individually and in association with others, are able to enjoy all those rights and freedoms in practice.
2. Each State shall adopt such legislative, administrative and other steps as may be necessary to ensure that the rights and freedoms referred to in the present Declaration are effectively guaranteed.

Everyone has the right to recognition everywhere as an all caps person before the law, but not the obligation.  Article 6, Universal Declaration of Human Rights

All peoples have the right of self-determination. By virtue of that right they freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development. PART I Article 1 1 International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights

Everyone [human being| shall have the right to hold opinions without interference. [Government agents are playing the parts of fictional characters who have civil rights not human rights and have no authority over human beings]

Everyone shall have the right to freedom of expression; this right shall include freedom to seek, receive and impart information and ideas of all kinds, regardless of frontiers, either orally, in writing or in print, in the form of art, or through any other media of his choice. Article 19, 1 and 2 International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights
Civil Law Government have no reason or authority to contact human beings
Last revised October 2, 2019

How to respond when Civil Law Government who have no reason or authority to contact human beings living in a common law jurisdiction and to do so is a humsn rights trespass with intent to defraud so act accordingly! The fact that all government are doing it makes it a conspiracy!

Phone Calls
The all caps person has no physical presents. It cannot read, write, speak, hear or attend court! Do not consent to give it life!
Do not conduct government business over the phone! Only the all caps person has any business to conduct with government!
Front line government agent have no idea that their rules and regulations do not apply to human beings and have no way to handle a human being in person or on the phone. Training is at fault, not the front line people!

Return Mail
Return mail if it comes addressed to anyone other than the man or woman it needs to be returned. Thisi includes the all cap name
addressee unknown, offer to contract refused, return to sender.

Response to things handed to you
Just do so in writting within 3 days!
Every interaction you have with any agents of the government involves contract law except one, the “common law peace officer”.
The “peace officer” does not get his or her authority strictly from civil law. The common law peace officer has jurisdiction over everyone who causes harm to another. And all cops can be peace officers but appear to always be operating using civil law regulations, but may not be.
You can destroy anything they bring at you with civil law paper work if you are a private individual and not operating as a class of subject who consents to their jurisdiction. You have to be one or the other because being both at the same time is impossible.

All peoples have the right of self-determination. By virtue of that right they freely determine their political status article 1 so only you can decide in what capacity you are operating under at any given time!

So don't worry, be happy when encountering them!

Remember everyone shall have the right to freedom of expression article 19! The agent/actor assumes they do too!

You have a cooling off period where you can back out of any contract you were forced to comply with under threat whether it caused duress or not. It has to be done in writing within 3 days normally but forced under duress voids any contract.

If you get a letter check and record the date on the letter against the one on the envelope. You have the same 10 days to respond and most of that time is gone before the letter is actually placed in the mail. Call them on that in your reply so it can’t bite you in court later.

The written responses from anything coming from government:
within three days of receit - offer to contract refuse!
After 3 days Notice and Demand letter or email, prove that I am an enumerate class of subject, subject to whatever BS they are tring to get you to consent to!

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