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The Public Fool - School System

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The Public Fool - School System
Last revised on Monday, September 30, 2019

Ignorance of the Law is no excuse: every man or woman has the right of self-determination as to who you are, not any court [juristic unit].

 Charter s32 makes it clear that the Charter only applies to governments, and not to people, private individuals, businesses or other organizations who are not an enumerated class of subject and this would include our children before registration that is.
 With the Public Fool System, we find a government mandated school system curriculum that is in place aimed exclusively at enumerated class of subject because the people who have an inalienable human right to a free education. The curriculum the bureaucrats are using is also to brain wash us and dumb us down, every day we and our kids attend school.
 We go into the school system as human beings with an independent streak that we cannot be allowed to reach adulthood with! We ask questions and are told by our parents there are no dumb question!
 We come out of the public fool [school] as a person under a system of enumerated class of subject trained to not ask questions. Taught to sit down and shut up and be subservient to our own public servants and elected officials!
 And the brain washing continues after we leave school on the nightly news where every night there is some reason for some bureaucrat keeping the masses in line, offering solutions to problems that only requires our consent to violate our human rights to implement!
 How is it that one society collects taxes off the other in bijural Canada? Maybe the public fool system run by the government has something to do with it!
 To believe because of the public fool system that all codes, rules, and regulations apply to us so that when the government claims total authority over men and women we silently acquiesce! We never ask questions and if we do, they are the wrong questions!

How about this question - Why do I pay income tax? Truth is there is no reason for any human being to pay income tax! Remember "The common law is the real law, the Supreme Law of the land, the code, rules, regulations, policy and statutes are not the law”, -- Self v. Rhay, 61 Wn (2d) 261

When dealing with enumerated classes of subjects [government] it is all adhesion contracts that we have to consent to! The public fool system trained us for years to silently acquiesce while all our inherent human rights and fundamental freedoms are replaced with civil rights and privileges completely under government control.

Human beings do not need to pay any attention to legislated codes, rules, regulations, and statutes which are policies, procedures, under “civil law”! Once you learn why and how you can stand on the constitution and your human rights completely outside government authority. After years of brain washing this won’t come easy.
Human beings do not need a driver’s licence. Bureaucrats elected and appointed officials, municipalities, agencies and agents do, and must follow their own rules and regulations!
Human beings do not need to pay any legislated taxes. Only bureaucrats, elected and appointed officials, municipalities, agencies and agents do!
By Summary Agreement

Any government agent or representative who has any problems with any of the points listed, bring them forward under your full commercial liability and complete contact information and we can discuss the issue here and if needed in a common law court.

  1. Human rights must themselves be protected by the rule of law;  
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